Instant Dry Yeast

What is Instant Dry Yeast?

Typically vacuum-packed to preserve its potency, Instant Dry Yeast (IDY) is a dry yeast that resembles tiny particles of vermicelli. Because of its small particle size, IDY absorbs liquid rapidly and does not need to be hydrated before mixing into flour.

Able to be stored and used at room temperature, IDY is the ideal option for bakers not using fresh or compressed yeast.


Give your baking an appetising edge with instant dry yeast.

Exceptional Fermentation Stability

Our dry yeast products are designed for high performance across diverse climates and cultures around the world.


Lesaffre’s instant dry yeast formulations can be added straight into your mix with no extended prep time needed.

Convenient Storage

Our instant dry yeast products are vacuum-packed to ensure stability and allow for easy transportation and storage.

How You Can Use Instant Dry Yeast

Simplify your daily baking with this convenient addition to your recipes!

Instant dry yeast activates very quickly, making it suitable for breads that can be made within a day.

Instant yeast does not need to be activated before it's added into your recipe, saving you plenty of preparation time.

Instant dry yeast is a highly versatile choice and can be used to bake various types of sweet and lean breads, pizza crusts and more.


Here are some key properties of our instant dry yeast:

Reduce mixing time by up to 30% compared to compressed yeast.

Avoid direct contact with ice or iced water when in use.

Good tolerance for high-temperature dough.

Halal, Kosher Parve and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Our Range of Instant Dry Yeast Products

Find the perfect dry yeast formulation for your needs.

Saf-instant® Red

For less-sweet dough with 0 - 5% sugar on flour weight.Great for pizza dough, bagels and baguettes.

Saf-instant® Gold

For sweet dough with 5% sugar or more on flour weight. Great for croissants, yeasted waffles, doughnuts and brioche.

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