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Since 1895, L’hirondelle has thrived as the iconic fresh yeast brand of Lesaffre. Free, caring and efficient, L’hirondelle has enabled bakers to give the very best of themselves and succeed in everything they do.

Why L’hirondelle?

Enjoy excellent results with our yeast products of the highest quality.


The stability of our products ensures that bakers can consistently create exceptional bread with peace of mind.


Our fresh frozen yeast formulations boast consistent and powerful fermentation properties, ensuring the most reliable results when baking.


L’hirondelle products are ideal for various applications, including frozen dough and a range of fermentation processes.

How You Can Use L’hirondelle

Add the world’s most trusted yeast brand to your baking process today!

Ensure excellent flavours and textures across applications, including sweet, sour and normal doughs.

Bake safe, healthy and flavourful organic breads with L’hirondelle yeast.

Incorporate L’hirondelle into your dough mix, blend into dry flour or even use it straight from your freezer.


Here are some key properties of L’hirondelle:

Stable and consistent fermentation over time.

Suitable for a diverse range of products including fresh rolls, croissants and frozen doughs.

Halal, Kosher Parve and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Performance and Innovation For Every Baker

We invent high-tech and stable products you can rely on.
Innovation is what we’re all about.


Lesaffre’s emblematic yeast, guaranteeing stable, consistent fermentation for the best possible bread results.

L'hirondelle Biorganic

Certified organic yeast for producing exceptional bread with total peace of mind, in total compliance with European regulations.

L'hirondelle 1895

A classic yeast for manufacturing traditional French bread. Recommended for push tray proofing.

L’hirondelle Sweet Dough

The ideal osmotolerant yeast for creating all sorts of Viennese pastries and brioches.

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