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Ibis® is a high-quality bread improver specially designed to meet the requirements of Bangladeshi bread-makers , helping them produce premium quality breads with better volume, optimum white crumbs and balanced softness.

Lesaffre, a worldwide group founded in 1853, took the conditions and the difficulties of baking in this country into consideration and consequently created a unique formula to give Bangladeshi bakers the best improver.

Why Ibis®?

Ibis® will give you a whiter and softer crumb than Magimix® Green, while still retaining all the benefits of Magimix® Green!

Convenience and Extensibility

Better extensibility ensures quicker dough development in the mixer, which makes for less sticky dough and easier work overall.

Improved Proofing

Ibis® facilitates faster fermentation and promotes good gas retention with less collapsing, giving you bread with stable structure.

Enhanced Bread Quality

Enjoy good volume and softness in your final product. Ibis® gives bread a very white colour and fine crumb texture with a regular, appealing shape.

How You Can Use Ibis®

Take your baking to new heights with our expert, easy-to-use bread improver.

Simplify the baking process for frozen dough ready-to-bake products and partially or completely proofed before freezing items.

Specially designed for frozen processes, you can extend the shelf life of dough while still ensuring high quality results.

Ideal for dough with limited or no thawing and resting period before going into the oven.


Here are some key properties of Ibis®:

Packaged in a 10kg bag in a box.

24 months of shelf life.

Ideal for sandwich breads.

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Ibis® Red

Specially formulated to meet Asian consumers’ taste for soft, fluffy breads.

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