30 Years’ Experience and Expertise in Developing Bread Improvers

Magimix is the day-to-day partner you can trust for achieving safe and healthy products, providing guaranteed peace of mind in your business.

Why Magimix?

Add a touch of magic to your baking with the perfect bread improver for every recipe.


Magimix has a wide range of solutions to make the baker’s job easier and offer consumers the bread they love.


Each bread improver guarantees genuine results with solutions adapted to each type of flour and every baking process.

How You Can Use Magimix

Our solutions cater to a range of bread types, processes, equipment and more.

From brioche to baguettes, Magimix improvers will preserve and enhance the specificities of various bread types, delivering consistently excellent results each time.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your dough’s tolerance and volume or avoid flaking and blistering, Magimix has the solution for your desired functionality.

Specially designed for frozen processes, Magimix offers an array of solutions to tackle specific problems when working with frozen doughs at different stages.


Here are some key properties of Magimix:

Store our bread improvers in a cool, dry place with temperatures not exceeding 30°C.

Magimix products have a general shelf life of 18 months.

Packaging is conveniently colour-coded to help you find the product you need based on application, process or functionality.

Magimix, A Comprehensive Range of Bread Improvers

Find your perfect fit with Magimix and meet every baking challenge with confidence.


Find the perfect improver for your recipes, based on baking process and flour type.

Take Your Baking to a New Level

Learn how our products can be customised to meet your unique baking needs.