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Lesaffre supplies the world’s finest baking yeast and bakery ingredients to commercial bakers across the Australia Pacific region and throughout the world. Every day, Lesaffre experts are creating, developing and perfecting original baking solutions, constantly innovating to make bakers’ lives easier. With more than 160 years’ experience, our team of bakers have the knowledge and technical expertise to assist baker’s prefect their desired baked goods. We work together to better nourish and protect the planet.

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Discover Lesaffre Australia

The spirit of Lesaffre comes to life in this short video. Family origins to global reach, driven by a central vision.
Lesaffre Worldwide

Lesaffre Worldwide

In order to ensure greater proximity to its customers, Lesaffre is an expertise present on 5 continents.


Create the perfect ciabatta, crusty baguette, traditional brioche, wholegrain loaf, soft sandwich bread, steamed buns, or pizza dough with our range of baker’s yeasts, bread improvers, premixes and blends. Designed to improve efficiency at every stage of bread-making and provide flexibility so you can tailor your recipes to meet local tastes.

Discover our sourdough range too, including sourdough yeast, sourdough starters, live active sourdoughs, devitalised sourdoughs and sourdough-based preparations to create wonderful artisanal sourdough bread.

Gluten-free bread, low salt, additive free, or fibre-filled – as consumers strive for greater well-being while coping with food intolerances, bakers are being called upon to fulfil such needs. With a global network of baking experts, Lesaffre helps you deliver on both health and deliciousness to keep pace with the latest consumer trends.

Latest News

Art of Artisan Bread

December 2019

Bread has been a staple food in cuisines all around the globe for thousands of years. The art of bread baking is a balance of ingredients, science, patience and artisanal skills. The ingredients, cooking methods and ovens vary, resulting in a huge range of products which are devoured daily in all cultures. Lesaffre offers a range of solutions and expertise to bakers to perfect their artisanal bread for consumers.


Yeast Fermentation in Bread

November 2019

Fermentation is an essential process when making dough, helping make foods such as bread and bakery items easier to digest, more nutritious and it also adds wonderful flavour. Baking yeast is used to leaven, develop and give flavour to dough. It is available in different forms, and choosing which one to use will depend on baking requirements and storage facilities.


frozen yeast

October 2019

Yeast is a tiny, fragile living microorganism which has an exceptional role in baking. But which yeast do you use to bake the best products in your business? That depends on your kitchen and storage facilities and your baking requirements. Here are some basic insights into this amazing product, to help you determine which type of yeast will rise to the occasion for your baking needs.