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Exploring the sensory world of bakery products – word for word


Sensory analysis is an essential tool for industrial, in-store and craft bakeries. But it’s not always easy to match the descriptions of consumers for the breads, croissants and baguettes they love with the technical, exacting terms bakery experts need to refine recipes and techniques.

Now Lesaffre has created a set of unique resources for bakery professionals to match consumer aspirations with technical know-how. These authentic        e-book tools describe the appearance, sound, smell, taste and texture of three of the most popular baked products – sandwich breads, baguettes and the croissant – during tastings.

By cross-referencing consumer language with the technical prose of baking experts, they have compiled hundreds of terms to identify the sensory qualities specific to each bakery item so that bakers can more effectively promote them to consumers.

Each booklet is centred around five sensory aspects:  appearance, smell, sound, texture and taste. For each sensation, a group of expert terms is presented and matched with the equivalent consumer term, supported by descriptive photos and illustrated definitions. Testimonials from respected bakery experts and recipes enrich each booklet.

The three e-book tools developed especially for baking industry professionals are now available here to download:

  • “Le Pain in words” was developed by Lesaffre in conjunction with LEMPA, the French national laboratory which offers independent expertise for baking and pastry sector professionals. Matured wheat aroma, cracker crust, gummy textures are among 60 precise sensory terms matched with more than 300 identified consumer descriptions.
  • “Sandwich bread in words” is devoted to the sensory world of sandwich breads, shared across cultures and was developed with the help of U.S. Wheat Associates. More than 300 consumer terms like delicious, soft and mouth-watering are matched with more than 60 technical sensory terms.
  • “Le Croissant in words” is devoted to the unique sensory properties of the croissant and other products made with leavened and laminated doughs, such as Danish pastries. Produced in collaboration with the International Association for French Bread, this booklet cross-references more than 200 consumer terms with more than 70 terms coined by the Lesaffre sensory analysis laboratory, all describing the croissant.